The Weed Solution Services

Weed Abatement
The Weed solution performs weed abatement for areas over 7,000 sq. ft. Abatement is conducted according county abatement standards and jurisdiction deadlines. We offer handwork (weed whacking), tractor work, discing, fire breaks, chemical mowing, weed spraying, and brush removal.

Weed Control
The Weed Solution is a licensed and insured, chemical applicator ready to apply both pre and post emergent herbicides for superior weed control. We offer the following services for weed control: quarterly sprays, on call sprays, fence-line sprays, plantscapes sprays, weed prevention, weed blocks, weed barriers, poison oak removal, bamboo removals, and wisteria removals. We are also equipped with boom trucks to spray several acres at a time and smaller areas due to the finely tuned hose setup.

Weed Removal
Our crews service residential and commercial areas up to 7,000 sq. ft. The physical removal and disposal of weeds coupled with a chemical application for prolonged control is implemented during the removal process. These clients usually sign up for quarterly weed control applications after the job has been completed. Our professionals spray, then weed whack/cut to soil, bag, and haul it away. As an additional service, weed barrier and colored mulch of the client’s choice can be installed for a new visual “touch” to the property.

Land Clearing and Forestry Mulching
Handling your acreage is a year-long job, changing with the seasons. Land owners need to be aware of what to tackle when it comes time to clear away the chaff. Especially during fire safety season! Brush clearing, weed abatement, and weed discing are just some of the essential services that make up land clearing. When your land is free from debris and overgrowth, it makes the space ideal for working with.

Fire Safety
Counties throughout Northern California each have minimum fire safety regulations. The Weed solution can efficiently and effectively prepare your property to meet those required regulations. Whether its fire breaks, brush clearing, or tree trimming, they are mandatory actions that need to be addressed. Don’t get stuck paying the hefty fines for being out of regulation. Let the Weed Solution help you.